Evelution is founded by Evelyn Donelson, an Educator,

With over 20 years of experience in the field of Education and Leadership.

Meet the Founder

Her passion is helping those who are seeking healing find their way back to “life”. Evelyn was inspired to start a nonprofit organization that will empower, strengthen, inspire, and build the life skills of people who suffer from brokenness. As a Domestic Violence Survivor, and a two-time widow, Evelyn inspires others to overcome their own battles. As an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker, her goal is to travel, speaking to the broken, and to guide individuals to be the great leaders, living the purposed and planned life they are called to live. She is a coauthor of four book collaborations and plan to continue to share her stories through her writings.

Global Impact Movement

IMPACT is a collection of life experiences shared by seven ambitious women with one commonality… We are Authors! All of us began our writing journey with one goal in mind - to make an IMPACT in the lives of those divinely connected to us and this book is yet another attempt to fulfill that mission.
Whether you have struggled with building your confidence, overcoming grief, getting a divorce or finding the courage to use your voice through the power of the pen; the experiences shared will give you hope, empower you to persevere in your process, and help you build your muscle of resilience in life and business.
So, whether you need some inspiration, motivation, or a good laugh there is something here for you. After digesting the tips we share, we pray you give yourself the grace to grow so you too can IMPACT those divinely connected to you.

Women’s LEADERSHIP & EMPOWERMENT Conference 2021

Join us for our annual conference and learn from successful business women who embraced their struggles and made it their superpower. Listen to what it takes to be resilient and create success in your life. This event is brought to you by our partners at intellectualradio.com.

We have two ticket types:

General Admission includes:

**Electronic program/workbook.

P.U.R.E (Perfectly Undefined Raw

Elegance) Live

Evelyn is the co-host of the

P.U.R.E. Talk Show on every

third Friday at 9 PM. P.U.R.E. Live is a talk

show that inspires, educate, and motivate

people to be the best person they can be.

Evelyn Donelson runs her own business and knows all about starting a nonprofit. She can tell you exactly how to start a nonprofit and build the team you need to run the organization successfully.


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